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Summer Medical Career Program

RE:  2017 Eve & Gene Black Summer Medical Career Program  
Basic program parameters:
  • Medical Mentor/Internship Program: Students work under the supervision of a health care educator, shadowing various medical professionals (nurse, nutritionist, pharmacist, lab technician, physician and/or medical specialist, etc.) who together provide a range of patient care and services.
  • Age & Grade Requirement: Applications are accepted from high school students who are currently in the 11th or 12th grade AND born on or before 4/1/01 or meet the older age requirements of their selected facility. See Application and/or Facility Address & Requirement List for specific facility requirements.   
  • Program Dates: There are 2, 3 and 4 week programs available from July 1 - August 4, 2017. See Applicationand website for specific date information. Only the medical facilities listed on the application participate.
  • Submission Instructions and Application Deadline: The original set of required documents and 1 copy of this entire set must be sent by US Mail ONLY and mailed by Wednesday, FEBRUARY 22, 2017.
·         Applicant Notification: All students will be notified if accepted or not VIA EMAIL by Wednesday, April 5.  If a student is not contacted by that date, they have NOT been accepted.
  • No Fee: There is NO FEE required to participate and if a financial need exists, a selected participant may request a stipend to cover program expenses, such as transportation.
The following documents are available for downloading and printing from under Summer Program tab:
1.       Advertising Flyer: Please display the enclosed informational flyer where it will be highly visible to students and/or advertise this program on your Electronic/E- Bulletins and ask interested students to go the website listed above.
2.       Application: (2 pages, for print /fillable): Distribute to interested students. Page 2 requires a signature of a parent/guardian.
3.       Transportation Survey: This form is only for students that select Valley Combined as #1 or #2 choice. They must complete and submit this form with their application set. 
4.       LAPS Junior Volunteer Application: This form is only for students that select this location as their #1 or #2 choice. They must complete and submit this form with their application set, even if they already volunteer at LAC+USC. Signatures of the student, parent/guardian and counselor are also required in BLUE ink on this form.
5.       Application Instructions
6.       Facility Address & Requirement List: Note requirements such as age, social security number & supplemental forms.
7.       Mailing Check List
8.       FAQs
Other important program information:
·         Typed Applications: We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that students go to our website to type their applications or to download and save a copy to type and complete later. (To do this, students must have the free Adobe Reader program.)
·         NO Online Submission: Students need to print both pages of their completed application, have them signed by a parent/guardian and then submit with other required documents needed for an application set.
In 2016 we received over 450 applications for 12 programs and 68 students were chosen to participate. We wish we were able to accept more students; however space is limited by the number of participating hospitals/facilities and the number of students that they can accommodate. If you know of a medical facility in your area that might be interested in hosting a Summer Medical Career Program, please let me know.  Thank you for your consideration of the Eve & Gene Black Summer Medical Career Program.
Mary Ellen Osborne and Ellen Seaman
Coordinators, Summer Medical Career Program
Phone: 310-347-8087