ACA Parent/Guardian Resources

Support your student by:

Talking and Listening // Ask your student about their day and what they're learning in their core content and ACA elective classes. Discuss movies, books, and current events that are occurring locally, nationally, and globally. Help your student start thinking like a responsible young person.

Attending ACA Events // We encourage you to support the academy by attending the student plays, band concerts, and showcase nights.
Volunteering // All parents/guardians with relevant skill sets are encouraged to share their knowledge with teachers and students by becoming a guest speaker, donating goods/services/time, and/or collaborating with academy staff. You are also invited to help out at events or fundraisers.

Please contact Mr. Love if you would be interested in volunteering, or know someone who works in the industry.

Click on the documents below for more information about your role in supporting your ACA student: