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Lawndale High School Grading Policy



In recognition of the challenges distance learning and the additional social-emotional impacts of COVID-19 have on our students and their successful engagement in learning, the District has adopted the following grade scale, developed in collaboration with the CVSTA Grading Work Group.

Grades in non-Apex course shall be reported for each grading period as follows (see highlighted text for temporary changes that apply to the 2020-2021 school year only):


90 - 100%

Outstanding Achievement

4.0 grade points


80 - 89%

Above Average Achievement

3.0 grade points


70 - 79%

Average Achievement

2.0 grade points


50 - 69%

Below Average Achievement

1.0 grade point

I (Incomplete)

40 - 49%

Far Below Average Achievement

0 grade points

No Mark (NM)

0 - 39%

Little or No Achievement

0 grade points



The percent range for a grade of D (normally 60 - 69%) extends from a 69% down to a 50%


The student has six weeks following the close of the grading term to complete and submit work to improve their grade. If, after six weeks following the close of the grading term, additional work completed and submitted by the student results in the final percentage earned remaining 40-49%, a final grade of No Mark will be issued, replacing the incomplete. Otherwise, the Incomplete will be replaced with the new grade earned according to the grade scale above. 


(No Mark)

A student earning a 0 - 39% in a course will be issued a No Mark, and receive zero credits for the course on their transcript. Though this will not impact their GPA, the student will have to retake and pass the course if it is required for graduation or completion of A-G requirements.


A student must complete Apex courses at 100% complete and earn a grade of D or above; otherwise, they continue the course the next term in order to complete the course at 100% and earn a passing grade. No grade of Incomplete or No Mark shall be issued for an Apex course.