Link Crew Home


Link Crew is an internationally recognized freshman transition program developed by The Boomerang Project that links freshman students with upperclassmen who serve as mentors.  The program was established at Lawndale High School in 2013. Link Crew Coordinating teachers oversee 150 student leaders that plan events for the freshman class, facilitate academic follow-ups in freshman classes, host events for staff, and support other organizations on campus.


Link Crew builds student leadership and school communities to shape school culture.  Studies have shown that freshmen who make it through their first year of high school successfully are less likely to drop out.  Studies have also shown that students facing socio-emotional issues are more likely to ask for advice from peers rather than adults.  With this in mind, the Link Crew program provides a summer orientation and year-round support to help freshmen be successful during their first year of high school.  


The goals of the program include:  empowering juniors and seniors as role models, teaching leadership and initiative, exposing students to a variety of positive influences on campus, and increasing academic success campus-wide.