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The American Sign Language Academy (ASLA) prepares students to work with the Deaf Community and pursue an exciting career. American Sign Language is the 3rd most used language in the country, still, it's availability is limited. As a result, interpreters, Deaf advocates and teachers of Deaf students are in high demand.

Academy Outcomes

College and Career Ready Individuals:

Graduates of the American Sign Language Academy will have a complete portfolio including a resume, mentorship experience with accompanying letters of recommendation, and internship experience to utilize in pursuit of any career they choose.

Effective Communicators:

Graduates of ASLA will be able to effectively communicate their thoughts and goals in both professional and non-professional environments through speaking, listening, writing, reading and ASL.

Ethical Leaders:

ASLA graduates will become leaders with principles able to make ethical and moral decisions while being culturally aware and sensitive.

Independent & Collaborative Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers:

ASLA graduates will be equipped to effectively think through and solve complex problems and situations together and utilize all resources at their disposal.

Socially Aware and Responsive Community Members:

ASLA graduates are informed about issues impacting Deaf communities locally and globally. Be prepared to make decisions to advocate for both themselves and the Deaf community while actively completing volunteer hours within their local Deaf community.

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