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NOTE:  11th and 12th grade classes will be outside on March 20th during 4th period.  Please be prepared with rain gear!
The day will start with our "living dead" participants being pulled from class by CHP officers, administrators, grim reaper, and a counselor.  Once their obituary is read, our "living dead" cannot communicate in any way with their friends or family for 24 hours.  Our participants were chosen based on their involvement in school programs to show the biggest impact on our campus.  Parent participants are notified and do a mock grief group that night.  
A mock crash scene will be on the track during period 4 for our 11th and 12th graders to view.  Fire department, sheriff's department and CHP will all be on site to respond as they would to a real crash.
The second day is an assembly that will provide participants an opportunity to share their experience.  In cooperation with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, we will have a guest speaker who has experience the devastating effects first hand.  
If you think you or a loved one my be triggered by the events, please contact your counselor.