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Welcome to the CV Family Academy Parent Center at Lawndale High School!
Helping all families reach their higher potential 
About the CV Family Academy Parent Center

Greetings! As the Family Engagement Liaison, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the heart of parent, guardian, and family involvement at Lawndale High School – the CV Family Academy Parent Center. Here, we're committed to enriching your child's educational journey through strong partnerships and unwavering support.
Our Mission: Nurturing Pathways to Success

At the CV Family Academy Parent Center, our mission is to amplify parent, guardian, and family engagement in a way that propels students toward college, career, and life readiness. By cultivating a positive school climate and fostering collaborative relationships, we aim to empower every student with the tools they need to thrive.
What We Offer: Your Bridge to Engagement

- Enlightening Workshops: Immerse yourself in a variety of workshops that tackle topics ranging from effective study techniques to computer literacy skills. These sessions are tailored to enhance your ability to guide your child's educational growth.
- Volunteer Opportunities: Be an active participant in your child's school life through activities like Event Planning/Assistance, Food Sales/Concessions, and assisting in Field Trips. Join our volunteer programs that offer a chance to make a meaningful impact in classrooms and school events.
- Parent Groups: Engage with our vibrant parent groups like PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization), SSC (School Site Council), ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee), and APAAC (African American Parent Advisory Committee). These groups foster collaborative decision-making and community involvement.
- Support Services: Receive assistance with PowerSchool and Canvas, aiding you in tracking your child's progress and navigating course materials seamlessly.
- Communication Support: Get guidance and support in enhancing communication with teachers and counselors, ensuring your child's needs are met effectively.
- Technology Assistance: Gain confidence in utilizing technology by accessing resources and assistance available at the Parent Center.
Resource Hub: Your Pathway to Information

Explore resources such as Adult Education classes, details on upcoming workshops, and guides to enhance your involvement in your child's education.
Thank you for being a driving force in your child's journey. Together, we'll foster an environment that not only supports their academic growth but also prepares them for a future filled with opportunities.
Warm regards
Ms. Ketta Jeanette Hirata
Family Engagement Liaison
Reach Out: Your Education Partner
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Feel free to reach out to me for any questions, suggestions, or assistance you may need. Your involvement is crucial in shaping your child's educational experience.
Family Engagement Liaison:
Ms. Ketta Jeanette Hirata
(310) 263-3117
Parent Center Room A-103
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM