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I am very excited to be part the Cardinal family! I spent the last 18 years at CVUHSD. CVUHSD has given me lots of opportunities to challenge myself and continuously grow as an educator. One of my biggest accomplishments was founding the School of Criminal Justice at Hawthorne High School which lead to the development of a four year pathway, recruiting of students and teachers for the new classes, and establishing  community partnerships.

I have a strong work ethic and have passion for working in an urban school. Also, I am a collaborative worker that is solution oriented. As an principal, I want to create a positive school culture and educational programs that are conducive to students achievement. This is accomplished by putting students learning at the forefront of all decisions made at the school; promoting a shared vision; analyzing data to monitor progress; constant evaluation of  instructional practices; and designing, guiding and leading professional development for the staff. Additionally, all stakeholders must work collaboratively to improve the school.  Parental involvement is essential because they hold students accountable outside of school. Students learn to embrace their learning and truly value their education when all stakeholders are working as a collective whole.  Building capacity amongst all the stakeholders helps ensure the long term success at a school. All this needs to be done while having high expectations for all stakeholders.

Instruction should be one of the top priorities at the school. As an administrator, I want to support teachers by making frequent observations, providing feedback and co-planning and modeling lessons. I want to be an instructional leader who is a change agent and creates an environment where everyone learns from each other and best practices are shared consistently amongst the staff.

I have a Bachelor's degree from UCLA in Biology with a minor in Latin America Studies and Spanish. I have two masters. I got my teaching credential and Secondary Education Master’s from Loyola Marymount University I also earned my administrative credential and Master’s from Cal State Long Beach.

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