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Lawndale Media Center

Welcome Cardinals!
Media Center is OPEN
8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday
Chromebook repair/pickup, new student chromebook pickup, WiFi hotspot pickup, textbook and all other material distribution.


🔌 Lost/damaged chromebook chargers: 

Replacement fee is $29


 📚 Textbooks and other materials: 

Please bring your school ID or ID # to the Media Center. 

Note: Some of your books are available digitally! Please reference the PDF below.


📶 For WiFi hotspot devices: 

Visit the Media Center to check availability. You may have to apply if we are out of devices by visiting this site:

Note: Students are allowed 1 device at a time. Please swap older devices for new models. 


Other Wi-Fi programs:

Find a list of public libraries participating in the ACP.

Borrow a WIFI hotspot & other resources: 👇

Public Library Hotspots


*Note: You must have a library card to borrow a device.*

Apply for a library card here or


Learn about the Affordable Connectivity Program 

Apply directly:


💻 If you are a new student picking up a chromebook: 

You must complete the DLI Forms prior to pick up by visiting:

Note: you will need CV network credentials to login!

If you don't have these contact the Media Center: 310-263-3160


Digital eBooks & Digital Resources: 

For help accessing these resources or additional assistance with research please contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Note: you can find resource links on the right side margin of this page! 




In Person: Media Center

By Phone:  310-263-3290

By Email: [email protected]
For help locating WIFI 📶🔎
please click the link below: 👇