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Our Graduate Careers...

MSA graduates are well-positioned to successfully compete for admission to two-year and four-year colleges and universities, especially the UC and CSU systems. For those students interested in a career in the marine sciences, college or another form of post-high school education or training is necessary. Marine science careers include the fields of marine biology, oceanography and ocean engineering. Marine science may also extend into areas of education, communication, economics, business or sea-going careers, for example, filmmaker, photographer, marine archaeologist, commercial diver, marine veterinarian, marine historian, aquaculturist, dive instructor, captain or mate on a ocean-going cargo vessel, ecotourism guide or park ranger. The list is a long one; the possibilities are endless.
Regardless of the differences in marine science careers, the people who work in these fields share a common love for the marine environment, a respect for the ocean and a keen sense of curiosity.