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DBQ Error!!

Hey, everyone!
I gave you the wrong pages for the DBQ! Documents A-C are correct but the rest are wrong. Some of you guys mentioned it to me during class but I didn't catch it! So sorry! I'll be more careful next time. For now, please write a complete introduction paragraph with a concise and coherent thesis. I will give you points and we will go over them tomorrow. I will also give you the rest of the documents so you can finish the DBQ. My apologies! 
See you all tomorrow!
Ms. Nguyen


Hey, everyone!
Ms. Jennings informed me that AMC Torrance is showing SELMA for free to high school students! Spread the word! If you can make it to the showing, that would be awesome. If not, you'll have a chance to see it after we cover the Civil Rights Era in class. 
I hope you guys took advantage of the three day weekend. There's 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter...aka the semester is almost over! Make it count! Remember, our review session is tomorrow. 
See you later alligators! 
Ms. Nguyen 

REMEMBER!! fr Ms. Nguyen

Hey all!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend! Remember to read Ch. 37 over the weekend, because we have the usual vocab quiz when you get back. You might as well get started on Ch. 38, too! :) Remember you have a Presidents test and a jeopardy review game at the end of the week! STUDY HARD!! Play-off football can wait!
Also, I wanted to give you guys my email just in case you need to reach me for anything. Here it is: [email protected] . I check Ms. Jennings school email too but it gets filled so quickly. Send any questions or concerns to my email and I'll do my best to get back to you asap. 
See you all very soon!
Ms. Nguyen

Hello! From Ms. Nguyen

Hey, everyone!
I hope your winter break is going well and I certainly hope you guys are keeping up with the reading! Just a friendly reminder that we will have an exam for packets 1-6 when we return on Jan 5th. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! You are AP students so I expect you to use this time wisely. Remember...don't stop when you're tired, STOP when you're FINISHED! 
I will see you all very soon! Happy holidays!
Best regards, 
Ms. Nguyen

Chapter 5

Hello everyone.  A student asked me to upload this again b/c he wasn't able to access it.  So here goes the third time...


Please click on the bolded words above "Chapter 5."  The title doesn't look like a link, but it is.  ;)

apush ch 4 questions

Please click on the title and use this a reading guide. Please read.  Do not depend on these questions.  Use the four words and themes as you take notes.  Don't simply memorize because there is so much more than that. Happy LABOR DAY!


Here are the questions to guide you through Chapter 2 and 3 in case you were absent.  Please read the chapters for full information.

Tips for Success:

1) Talk about the events and significance with a study buddy in person, over the phone, or on skype

2) Teach your family members about what you hear in class and read in your text.  Teaching is the best way to retain information.  Lecture and Reading accounts for only 20% of retention while you will retain over 90% if you teach it to someone.  

Chapter 2 PPT

1) Prepare for Friday's name quiz

2) Read Chapter 2 and 3 while answering questions. Take notes for yourself if you need it.  Please DO NOT copy the whole chapter.  Look for key words, events, significance, and cause and effect

3) Begin reading Chapter 4 with cornell notes.  Be ready for a quiz on your reading

4) Colony quiz on Tuesday.

Chapter 1 Lecture

Please read Chapter 1 on your own.  Click on the heading above called "Chapter 1 Lecture" for the online powerpoint.  This information is about 5% of your AP test. Though lightly covered on the test, it is good to train yourself how to extract important information and learn good note-taking skills for the next chapters.  

Tips to be successful:

1)  Be 2 days ahead of the teacher in lecture/reading material

2) Before you go to sleep, check your backpack/purse/murse for each period's notebook and homework.  Make sure you checked off your to-do items in your personal agenda

3) Get your clothes ready the night before.  Check yourself in the mirror and make sure the outfit is what you want.

4) If you are a snoozer, remove your alarm clock from your nightstand across the room so you need to physically get up and walk over to shut it off.

5) Turn your phone on silent until you are finished with your history readings.  What should take 1 hour will take two to three if you constantly allow interruptions into your study time.