"W.O.W." words 11-35

11. Demur (v) - to object, to make exception

12. Denounce (v) - to condemn; to expose critically

13. Desiccate (v) - to dry out completely, dehydrate

14. Dilemma (n) - predicament; a difficult situation (choose between two choices)

15. Disparge (v) - to belittle , say uncomplimentary; to put down

16. Docile (adj.) - easily taught or controlled, obedient, easy to handle

17. Dispel (v) - to drive away; to dissipate

18. Disperse (v) - to scatter in various directions; distribute widely

19. Dissolution (n) - the breaking up into parts; termination of a legal bond or contract 

20. Divine (v) - to foretell a prophecy, to infer, to guess

21. Doldrums (n) - a period or condition of depression or inactivity

22. Domain (n) - a territory over which one rules

23. Dormant (adj.) -asleep or inactive 

24 . Draconian (adj.) - hard, severe, cruel

25. Dromedary (n) - a one-humped domesticated camel

26. Dulcet (adj.) - melodious, soft, soothing, pleasing to the ear

27. Duress (n) - hardship , restrain, confinement

28. Edifice (n) - a building, especially one of imposing appearance or size

29. Efface (v) - to rub away

30. Egalitarian (adj.) -advocating the doctrine of equal rights for all citizens  

31. Elapse (v) - to pass or go by (said of time)

32. Elfin (adj.) - small and sprightly mischievous

33. Embellish (v) -to beautify by adding ornament ; add fictitious detail

34. Embody (v) - to give bodily form to; to make part of a system 

35. Emit (v) - to send or give out; to express