Final Weeks of Sem. 1

Happy 2014!

Many of you are caught up on all the assignments since the beginning of the school year; however, some of you are not.  As you already know, you have one more opportunity to shine.  The following is a list of assignments that many of you did not complete or did not turn in:

1. Theme graphic organizers for: Little Boxes, In a Belly of a Clothes Rack

2. The Monkey's Paw plot pyramid

3. "Choices"

4. Writing Prompts with "WOW" words

5. Independent Book Talk

If you are missing #1, #2 and #4, you should print them out.  They are attached documents on this page.

With "Choices," there were 7 and you were to choose 3.  The sheet is posted in my room; but many of you captured it on your smartphones.

I didn't get to speak with everyone about their book.  If that is you, make an appointment with me to have that 5-7 minute discussion.  If you do not have the list of questions anymore, they are attached here. 

Again, your deadline is Jan. 16.  TAKE OWNERSHIP and COMMIT to your work with success and excellence!

Lastly, when's the lat time you checked PowerSchool???  Get on top of it!!