"W.O.W" words 41-60

41. Ensemble (n) a coordinated outfit; a musical group

42. Entice (v) to lure, to tempt, to attract

43. Entomb (v) to place in or as if in a tome or grave

44. Entomology (n) the scientific study of insects

45. Entreat (v) to plead, to beg

46. Erudite (adj) deeply learned, scholarly

47. Euphonious (adj) pleasing to the ear

48. Evade (v) to elude, to avoid

49. Evoke (v) to summon forth, awaken

50. Exhume (v) to dig up from a grave

51.Expunge (v) to remove; to erase

52. Facilitate (v) to help bring about

53. Fathom (v) to understand fully

54. Fawn (v) to show affection

55. Feign (v) to give false appearance

56.Fester (v) a source  of irritation

57. Fetish (n) an activity which one is irrationally devoted

58. Fickle (adj) not loyal or consistent

59. Fjord (n) a long narrow inlet from the sea between steep cliffs or hills

60. Fleece (v/n) to defraud, to swindle; also the wool of a sheep