"OMAM" Narrative Deadlines

1. TYPED Rough Draft due June 6 or 9.  Type and print at home; or go to Hawthorne High Media Center; or local libraries; or send to me as an attachment.

2. Rough Draft will be scored (64 points, see narrative writing rubric)

3. Rough Draft returned on June 10 or 11.

4. Opportunity to REVISE - deadline June 13.


*** If you turn in mid-week, there is the possibility in revising it and turning it back in on the 13th.

**** If you turn it in on the 13th, the score that you receive is the final score for this assignment. 

*****  If you do not turn in at all, the half credit you are receiving will revert to a zero. (See class syllabus under grades).