End of the Semester Bonus Points

If you are interested  in some bonus points before the semester ends, please come to my room Thursday the 22nd either in the morning (before first bell), or during lunch.
Here is the assigment:
1. After having picked the interview article, please read and annotate.  Read it multiple times if you have to.  Mark up the text.  Don't be shy! Marking up the text is a great strategy to talk to the text, so to speak.  
2. With the "think pink" sheet, you will generate 6 questions: 3 from level 2, and 3 from level 3 (this is from Costa's levels of questioning.  We used this a lot during our daily warm ups)
3. After generating those questions, you are to then respond to them.  Each response should be at least 5 meaningful and substantial responses.  Use the "E3 formula" (evidence, explain, elaborate).  
4. Please email me your work.  Send it to [email protected].   Your responses should be sent as an attachment.  
5. Due date: Friday the 23rd, 5pm