1st 10 "WOW" terms

1. Dauntless (adj) - fearless, unintimidated

2. Dearth (n) - scarcity; lack

3. Debacle (n) - a sudden catastrophe 

4. Debase (v) - to lower in quality, character or value

5. Decree (n) - an order having the force of law

6.Deduce (v) - to come to a conclusion by reasoning from evidence

7. Defame (v) to libel or slander; to take away a good name

8. Deft (adj) - skillful; dexterous 

9. Demagogue (n) - a leader who obtains power by appealing to emotions

10. Demonic (adj) - one who works devilishly; persistent force 


*** Remember to have at least 3 synonyms and antonyms in your "WOW" chart. ***