Unit 1 Essay

As stated in class, all of the exposure and practice we have done in the formative assessment for Unit 1, you will need all the necessary handouts (ex: theme graphic organizers) to use as resources for constructing your 4 paragraph essay (1 intro.; 2 body; 1 conclusion).  

You will have class time to rough draft your essay.  But you have to be realize that some of this has to be done outside of class as well.  The deadline for your final, typed essay is Friday, October 25. Your essay is not only typed, but must be done in MLA format.  (Instructions, along with a guideline, is attached to my page.)  I can try to reserve the Mac laptops, but do not count on it.  You must find access to type and print your essay.

This deadline is essential because it will factor in for your Quarter 1 grade.  Please comply with the deadline.  The consequence of not following through I will result in a 50%, which clearly is NOT passing.  Don't do this to yourself.  Take OWNERSHIP!   

The scoring rubric is now attached.  Please look for the Smarter Balanced Informative-Explanatory Writing Rubric (6-11).  Consult that.  I will be using this. 

I look forward to reading your work.