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Lawndale Summer Reading Assignment 17-18

ALL students, including AP Language & Composition, will complete this assignment. Non-AP students: Read the attached assignment and view the rubric. Due on the first Friday of the school week. 
AP Language Students: 
You will choose one of the novels from the list. As you read, keep a double entry journal where you analyze quotes. Quotes go on the left side of your paper and analysis on the right. Your analysis can consist of: personal connections, literary terms, etc. Minimum 25 entries. Due on the first day for of school.

Freakonomics PDF

Summer Reading Assignment: 
You will be tested the first week of school on the arguments as well as the rhetorical devices in Levitt and Dubner’s book. As you read: keep a double entry journal, identify key ideas, and analyze the rhetoric used by the authors.