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Athletic Administrator Code of Ethics



 Prologue: Why a Code of Ethics for Athletic Administrators?

 The athletic administrator is an educational-leader who oversees one of the most visible and scrutinized aspects of the school community.  Athletic administrators understand that athletics as an extension of a dynamic educational program. As a result, this serves as a guide to support the day-to-day decision making of an athletic administrator. It clarifies the mission, values and principles of educational-athletics and how they translate into everyday decisions and actions.


 The Interscholastic Athletic Administrator is committed to the student-athlete:

  • Develops and maintains a comprehensive education-based athletic program which seeks the highest development of all participants, and which respects the individual dignity, self-worth, and safety of every student-athlete.
  • Considers the health and well-being of the entire student body as fundamental in all decisions and actions.
  • Supports the principle of due process, protects the civil and human rights of all individuals, and endeavors to understand and respect the values and traditions of the diverse cultures represented in the respective school community.
  • Strives to provide inclusive education-based athletic programs which provide participation opportunities for student-athletes of all abilities and backgrounds.


The Interscholastic Athletic Administrator is committed to education-based athletics:

  • Organizes, directs and promotes an interscholastic athletic program that is an integral part of the total educational program and enhances the learning process.
  • Cooperates with the staff and school administration in establishing, implementing and supporting school policies.
  • Promotes high standards of ethics, sportsmanship and personal conduct by encouraging administration, coaches, staff, student-athletes, and community to commit to these high standards.
  • Acts impartially in the execution of basic policies and in the enforcement of the local, district, state and national governing body’s rules and regulations.


 The Interscholastic Athletic Administrator is committed to the profession:

  • Fulfills professional responsibilities with honesty, integrity and a commitment to equity and fairness.
  • Upholds  the honor of the profession in all relations (both personal and digital) with students, colleagues, coaches, contest officials, members of the media, administrators, and the public.
  • Improves the professional status and effectiveness of the interscholastic athletic administrator through participation in local, state and national professional development programs including, but not limited to, the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute and Certification Program.
  • Avoids using their position for personal promotion. Leads by helping others achieve their goals.