Hello Cardinals! Welcome to my web page. If you would like to check on the homework, assignments, or anything related to class, click on your period and follow the pages. PARENTS: If you would like to check that your student did the homework, or assignment, look on their PowerSchool grades online for current real time grades. All assignments can be turned in late for a penalty each day (1 letter grade drop). Please email me if you have any questions at [email protected]

Classes operate through in-class work (lecture, handouts, etc.), notebooks, and reading. Most reading will be conducted on student time (i.e. homework). Student are expected to come to class having read the requirements to further facilitate class discussion.
Students are required to bring a spiral notebook to class.
All reading are either provided by the teacher, media center, or through PowerSchool.
Period 1: Class #: 13341973 Password: e10period1
Period 2: Class #: 13341982 Password: e10period2
Period 3: Class #: 13341989 Password: e10period3
Period 4: Class #: 13341992 Password: e10period4
Period 6: Class #: 13341998 Password: e10period6