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Transcript Requests

     Fax: (310) 676-6403         Telephone: (310) 263-3107



Attention Seniors:

         Some schools will ask you to start ordering the Official Transcript with the 1st semester grades. You have to fill out a “Transcript Request Form” from Ms. House (Records Office) in A-107. She will send it to the universities, make sure to fill out a form for each school. The Records Clerk will hold the requests and send all transcripts out as soon as the 1st semester grades are in. You can either request to pick up the transcripts or she can send them. Check your portal for every university, and when is the deadline, if they do not ask for it, DO NOT send them one. Universities will penalize you for not following instructions, they can deny your application or revoke your admission.


Transcripts requested with Ms. House are FREE!


Parchment is the online system, here is the website for students to order transcripts, these cost $5 each


Any unofficial and official transcript requests go to 

The Records Department:

Ms. Jacquita House

Office A-107

Office Number: (310) 263-3107

Fax Number: (310) 675-8174



2- Once you have committed to a school, you need to request a Final Official Transcript with the Diploma date posted. You can start requesting the Final Transcript the last week of May to be either sent of for you to pick it up. If you do not send a Final Official Transcript, your admission will be revoked. 



Please Note: Transcripts are not processed immediately, may take 3-4 business days to process by Clerk

Please Note: Transcripts are processed in the order received

Class of 1960-1980 Please come by the the Records Department in A-107 and fill out the request form.

Class of 2001-2020 Please come by the the Records Department in A-107 and fill out the request form or visit $5.00 for faster service


Parents, if you are clearing your child, please see a Data Processor:  Mrs. Phillips or Ms. Atuatasi.