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"W.O.W" words 41-60

41. Ensemble (n) a coordinated outfit; a musical group

42. Entice (v) to lure, to tempt, to attract

43. Entomb (v) to place in or as if in a tome or grave

44. Entomology (n) the scientific study of insects

45. Entreat (v) to plead, to beg

46. Erudite (adj) deeply learned, scholarly

47. Euphonious (adj) pleasing to the ear

48. Evade (v) to elude, to avoid

49. Evoke (v) to summon forth, awaken

50. Exhume (v) to dig up from a grave

51.Expunge (v) to remove; to erase

52. Facilitate (v) to help bring about

53. Fathom (v) to understand fully

54. Fawn (v) to show affection

55. Feign (v) to give false appearance

56.Fester (v) a source  of irritation

57. Fetish (n) an activity which one is irrationally devoted

58. Fickle (adj) not loyal or consistent

59. Fjord (n) a long narrow inlet from the sea between steep cliffs or hills

60. Fleece (v/n) to defraud, to swindle; also the wool of a sheep

Final Weeks of Sem. 1

Happy 2014!

Many of you are caught up on all the assignments since the beginning of the school year; however, some of you are not.  As you already know, you have one more opportunity to shine.  The following is a list of assignments that many of you did not complete or did not turn in:

1. Theme graphic organizers for: Little Boxes, In a Belly of a Clothes Rack

2. The Monkey's Paw plot pyramid

3. "Choices"

4. Writing Prompts with "WOW" words

5. Independent Book Talk

If you are missing #1, #2 and #4, you should print them out.  They are attached documents on this page.

With "Choices," there were 7 and you were to choose 3.  The sheet is posted in my room; but many of you captured it on your smartphones.

I didn't get to speak with everyone about their book.  If that is you, make an appointment with me to have that 5-7 minute discussion.  If you do not have the list of questions anymore, they are attached here. 

Again, your deadline is Jan. 16.  TAKE OWNERSHIP and COMMIT to your work with success and excellence!

Lastly, when's the lat time you checked PowerSchool???  Get on top of it!!



"W.O.W" (36-40)

36. Emulate (v) - to attempt to equal, especially through imitation

37. Endure (v) - to carry on through despite hardships

38. Engulf (v) - to surround completely

39. Enrage (v) - to put in a rage, anger

40. Enrapture (v) - to delight, to thrill

"W.O.W." words 11-35

11. Demur (v) - to object, to make exception

12. Denounce (v) - to condemn; to expose critically

13. Desiccate (v) - to dry out completely, dehydrate

14. Dilemma (n) - predicament; a difficult situation (choose between two choices)

15. Disparge (v) - to belittle , say uncomplimentary; to put down

16. Docile (adj.) - easily taught or controlled, obedient, easy to handle

17. Dispel (v) - to drive away; to dissipate

18. Disperse (v) - to scatter in various directions; distribute widely

19. Dissolution (n) - the breaking up into parts; termination of a legal bond or contract 

20. Divine (v) - to foretell a prophecy, to infer, to guess

21. Doldrums (n) - a period or condition of depression or inactivity

22. Domain (n) - a territory over which one rules

23. Dormant (adj.) -asleep or inactive 

24 . Draconian (adj.) - hard, severe, cruel

25. Dromedary (n) - a one-humped domesticated camel

26. Dulcet (adj.) - melodious, soft, soothing, pleasing to the ear

27. Duress (n) - hardship , restrain, confinement

28. Edifice (n) - a building, especially one of imposing appearance or size

29. Efface (v) - to rub away

30. Egalitarian (adj.) -advocating the doctrine of equal rights for all citizens  

31. Elapse (v) - to pass or go by (said of time)

32. Elfin (adj.) - small and sprightly mischievous

33. Embellish (v) -to beautify by adding ornament ; add fictitious detail

34. Embody (v) - to give bodily form to; to make part of a system 

35. Emit (v) - to send or give out; to express         

Unit 1 Essay Rewrite, "Choices," & "W.O.W." writing prompts

Unit 1 essay rework and rewrite: (DUE WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13)

You have an opportunity to rework and rewrite your essay for improvement.  If you passed, consider it; if you didn't do so well, highly consider rewriting.  I will available for assistance Friday Nov 8th during nutrition, lunch and after school.  I will also be available Tuesday Nov 12 during nutrition, lunch and after school.  Whether if you need my help or not, look at the rubric along with the feedback from your classmates.

If you do not take advantage of this, your score will remain the same.



Many of you have turned in the 3 choices you worked on last week or this week.  If you do not turn in them on the due date, your grade for this assignment will either stay the same or will drop to a zero.


"W.O.W" writing prompts (DUE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12)

You got a start on this assignment in class.  You are to finish it over the weekend.  A copy of the assignment is attached here on the site, unless you took a picture of it in class. 

Remember to write 4 different prompts; 2 paragraphs each; handwritten; and 2 different "W.O.W." words per writing prompt.  Please make sure you underline them.

1x1 Book Talks

The one-on-one book talks will begin on Monday, October 28 and should last pretty much the entire class period.  I will be calling each and every one up in alpha order.  Please make sure that you review the rubric and questions.  You don't necessarily have to write out the responses in complete sentences; but you could have notes written down.   I will not be collecting them.  The questions are for you to serve as a guideline.

While you are waiting for your turn, you will be working on a separate assignment (TBA).

Please make sure you are reading your book!  If you have been lagging, I highly suggest that you take about 20-30 a day to sit in a quiet and serene place and just read.  You'll be happy you did.  :-)

Unit 1 Essay

As stated in class, all of the exposure and practice we have done in the formative assessment for Unit 1, you will need all the necessary handouts (ex: theme graphic organizers) to use as resources for constructing your 4 paragraph essay (1 intro.; 2 body; 1 conclusion).  

You will have class time to rough draft your essay.  But you have to be realize that some of this has to be done outside of class as well.  The deadline for your final, typed essay is Friday, October 25. Your essay is not only typed, but must be done in MLA format.  (Instructions, along with a guideline, is attached to my page.)  I can try to reserve the Mac laptops, but do not count on it.  You must find access to type and print your essay.

This deadline is essential because it will factor in for your Quarter 1 grade.  Please comply with the deadline.  The consequence of not following through I will result in a 50%, which clearly is NOT passing.  Don't do this to yourself.  Take OWNERSHIP!   

The scoring rubric is now attached.  Please look for the Smarter Balanced Informative-Explanatory Writing Rubric (6-11).  Consult that.  I will be using this. 

I look forward to reading your work. 

"In a Belly of a Clothes Rack"

I tried to find the non-fiction account of Williams' piece, but to no avail.  So if you have chosen this for your essay and you do not have it anymore, you will have to borrow a reliable classmate's.  I do not have any other copies.  

Scary Story!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think you have what it takes to write a truly, frightening and horrifying story???  Check out the link below for contest rules, etc.


1st 10 "WOW" terms

1. Dauntless (adj) - fearless, unintimidated

2. Dearth (n) - scarcity; lack

3. Debacle (n) - a sudden catastrophe 

4. Debase (v) - to lower in quality, character or value

5. Decree (n) - an order having the force of law

6.Deduce (v) - to come to a conclusion by reasoning from evidence

7. Defame (v) to libel or slander; to take away a good name

8. Deft (adj) - skillful; dexterous 

9. Demagogue (n) - a leader who obtains power by appealing to emotions

10. Demonic (adj) - one who works devilishly; persistent force 


*** Remember to have at least 3 synonyms and antonyms in your "WOW" chart. ***

Updated attachments AND 5 week progress

As of this evening, I have added a few documents including:

1. Class syllabus

2. Remind 101 text service for each period

3. "By Appointment Only" slips

4. Writing assignment - Intro. letter to me

If you are receiving a poor grade right now that will be projected on the first progress report, you need to visit PowerSchool NOW to figure out why.  It's pretty simple though. . .